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What is Algo Trading?

A software based trading system that utilizes very advanced mathematical models for making transaction decisions in the financial markets. The strict rules built into the model attempt to determine the optimal position and optimal time for an order to be placed without any kind of intervention from humans.

Algorithmic trading or automated trading is a method of trading by which any orders are placed & executed through software programmed to do mathematical model-based trading which is quite popular in developed nations.

Unfortunately algo trading is yet gain popularity among common traders in India and many other developing countries due to its deployment cost and technological  barriers.

Who use Algo Trading?

So far the concept of algorithmic trading is most commonly adopted and applied by large institutional investors due to the large amount of shares they purchase every day. Complex algorithms allow these investors to obtain the best possible price without significantly affecting the instrument's price.

DMA "Direct Market Access" & Co-Location offered by exchanges provide higher edge to brokers & HNIs to make most of low margin & high turnover business. Thus, hedging and arbitrage has become domain of only Brokers proprietary accounts that are happy getting just above bank rate of interest.



BAT is a ground braking Automated Trading software using which you can trade in any exchange thru any broker terminal based on any technical analysis or charting software, without being in front of the computer. Yes, BAT will trade for you. You can concentrate on your profession or business without worrying about your positions & trades because BAT will handle it.

If you are a technical analyst using some popular charting software like Amibroker, AGet, MetaStock, Ninja trader & etc then all you have to concentrate on is your strategy not the trading part. BAT take care of that business while you can spare your time on developing a better Trading System. BAT, Algorithmic Automated Trading Software supports NEST/ODIN/NOW for NSE/MCX Exchanges. BAT can be used for Trading in NSE Stocks, Futures & Options (F&O), Currency, Commodity Instruments. Using BAT you can simply Automate your Trading System in AmiBroker.

How it works?

How BAT Works

BAT software will get all the required Order infromations from any Charting Platforms or through other sources as well.

For Example:

Suppose you are using Amibroker for making your trading decisions, you normally have to watch Amibroker's screen. If any BUY/SELL arrows are displayed then you will be placing the same order on your trading terminal like ODIN Diet, NOW, NEST, etc.

If you have BAT then it will execute the orders in a fraction of a second and you need not be in front of your computer. BAT will also send an SMS confirming the executed trades to your mobile number.