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Real Time Data for AmiBroker

BestRT Pro
Exchange Authorised Real Time Data Feed

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Reliable Financial Data for Stocks, Currency & Forex Markets

BestRT - High Quality & Live Tick-by-Tick Data Feed for just as low as 900/- per month.
Ultra Fast & Non-Stop Data Feed. Most reliable data feed with
Guaranteed Speed matching with your Terminal.
All for just as low as 410/- per month only for annual subscription


12 Reasons why you should choose BestRT Hybrid Features :

 » Multiple Machine Login : Login from multi PC anyone at a time.
 » Trade Buzz : Get Experts opinions/views on Stocks & Commodities Ideas/Tips/News Live.
Features Coming soon:
 » Stock Filter : On Demand top Gainers/Losers Filter.
 » Price Ticker : Ticker watch with Price Alerts.
Other Features:
 » Affordable :
As low as just ₹ 410/- per month for annual subscription.
 » Reliable : Hybrid Mode for Non-Stop Data.
 » Auto Backfill : Auto Backfill for easy of use.
 » Simultaneous Update : All Symbols are updated at once. Supports Scanning/Exploration.
» Minimum TimeFrame : 1 Minute.
 » Backfill : 1 min. Intraday Backfill data for upto 180 Days
» Historical Data : 1 min. data for upto 1 year (Extra Charge).
» Multiple Terminal Support : You can use with any terminal.
System Rquirements:
1) OS : Windows 7 & above.
2) Hardware :
    i) Min. 1.8 GHz. Processing Speed, >1 GB RAM, 20 GB HDD.
    ii) For HYBRID Mode you need Daul Core Processor. HYBRID Mode usually works good, but  some computers may require more processing power.
3) Internet : Min. 56 Kbps
4) Charting Apps : AmiBroker (any version).