Refund Policy

Refund Policy:
  1. We are offering free/paid trial to anyone who is interested in our services.
  2. We insists you to take a trial once before subscribing to our product.
  3. Refund/Cancellation will be entertained only in the following cases

3.1) Our Software becomes non-functional due to our product update.

3.2) If Data Feed not working continuously for more than 48 hours.

  1. Refund/Cancellation will not be entertained on the following cases

4.1) If the service is unavailable due to continuous Power Failure/Internet (ISP)/Server issues & issues that are beyond ValveNet Technologies' control.

4.2) Telecom Service Provider's (ISP) Problems.

4.3) If product becomes non-functional due to OS Update, .NET Framework issues, Conflicts arising due to other product installations.

4.4) If product performs poorer due to Insufficient Hardware resources.

4.5) Client unable to make use of the service due to any reasons.

4.6) Issues arising due to FIREWALL or PROXY settings.

  1. Refund will be claimable only after ValveNet Technologies confirms thru written that the problem is unsolvable.
  2. Risk Disclaimer: BUY/SELL/SHORT/COVER signals generated by any mechanical strategies are for representation purpose only and Automation software that places orders have been designed only for the purpose of facilitating your trading. ValveNet or any of its employees neither guarantees nor liable for profit or loss incurred by using our products. Trading in Equity & Derivative is highly risk that it may result in the erosion of more than 100% capital, by subscribing to our products it is understood that you explicitly acknowledge the policies and disclaimer mentioned here.


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