Profits beyond your Imagination!

Pure Mathematical Trading System desgined for High Net Worth
Profits Beyond your Imagination.

SIGMA Sys an automated trading system based on pure mathematical analysis of the market data using multivariate polynomial functions, the terms might seem so strange. Put in simple terms, the system doesn't believe that the market is moved by a single factor or force, but instead the market is being influenced by different factors or forces that fuels the dynamism. Unlike traditional technical analysis that considers a single indicator or set of indicators which are applied discretely to determine the trend, SIGMA Sys fuses many factors that can be described as market movers and analyses them as a whole. Thus it has the potential to predict the trend from a completely higher elevation.

SIGMA Sys uses only prices & unique market influencing factors. As always indicators are not to be for Decision making.

Who Should Use SIGMA Sys?

1) If you are looking to make Profits from Trading Stocks.
2) If you want to become a Full Time or Active Trader.
3) If you believe that it is not possible to make money from the market.
4) If you want to prove that your efforts to Succeed in Trading doesn't fail.

Trading Guide

» Avoid Using High Exposure. This is the most important aspect of Trading. Use the leverage that is determined by the Exchange itself.
» Trade with Additional Margin. Trade with atleast 30% additional margin to give proper space for the positions to build up profits. Remember 90% no trades will give profit
» Diversify Your Portfolio. We are advocating diversification ever since the launch of BAT. Choose atleast 3 stocks which has got good swing in the chart.
» Select Good Stocks. You can find good stocks just by looking at the charts. It should have atleast 60% signals with positive exits. With atleast 30% strong trends, ie., the Profit should be big atleast once in every 5-6 trades. The Big Profit should be more than all other previous 5-6 trades.
» Stick with the selected Stocks Don't change the stocks frequently. By the time you switch the stock it might start to perform well as expected. If you have selected stocks properly by the following above step, you can stick with it confidently. Diversification will also save you from disasterous results.
» Stick with Time Frame Don't change the time frame at all. Every time frame will work for any strategy & stocks, all you have to do is stick with the time frame which you have used to analyse the stocks performance.