BAT - Best Algo Trader
The Leading Algo Trading Platform for Fully Automated Trading
Truly Worry Free Trading Solution
The First Algo Trading Software with Real-Time mobile notification using our Mobile App.

 Note: RoboTrade/RoboTrade RDP will be replaced by BAT. All clients are requested to get updated to our new BAT Software for seemless integration with your personal mobile & so many advanced features that are about to come.

About BAT Edition

BAT is the latest release refined especially to give the traders an edge over their counter parts. If you are looking to execute trades using logical ENTRY/EXIT strategies then BEST ALGO TRADER (BAT) is your best bet against other High Frequency trading systems that drive more than 73% of the market volume world over, now a days. It is true that humans are no match for machines in terms of analysing 100s of stocks, decision making & more important order execution. The question is are we equipped with the right strategy against High Frequency & Advanced Trading Systems, yet?

How BAT Works

BAT Speciality

  1. Fully Automated & Truly Algorithmic : No need to click any buttons to confirm your orders each time. BAT is fully automated, our latest edition supports ODIN DIET/NEST & other commonly used trading terminals. You can place orders in Cash/Futures/Options/Commodities provided these segments are available in your trading terminal.

  2. Live Mobile Alerts : Alerts & all necessary information about Amibroker Signals & order execution status to your mobile immediately. We use our in-house developed BestSync android application, so that you can trade limitless at no extra cost.

    Daily Start/Stop Notification.

    Order Execution Alert & Notification.

    Daily Start/Stop Notification.

    Live Profit/Loss updation along with all positions.

  3. Affordable : Never before features at most affordable price. When it comes to affordability, the cost of BAT is unbeatable.

  4. Ultra Fast Execution : The Order Execution will be absolutely faster.

  5. Mutiple Devices: Get notifications on Multiple Devices at once.

  • Order Placed by BAT.

  • Alerts/Warning pertaining to BAT getting stopped.

  • Expiry Date warnings  (coming soon).

  • Future version are expected to have order confirmation facility also.


All the above features are available at a marginal cost of just 900/- additional. Any clients can subscribe BAT. BAT can be installed on Windows 7, 8.1, 10 or Windows Server 2008 or later.