BestRT Pro

Authorised Real Time Data for AmiBroker

BestRT Pro

South India's No. 1 Exchange Authorised Real Time Data Provider

BestRT is an innovative software tool that feeds Live Data in AmiBroker, the most used charting platform. BestRT is the leading & fast growing Real Time Data for AmiBroker due to its simplicity & reliability. It feeds seamless tick-by-tick intraday data into AmiBroker charting software for simultaneous scanning & strategy analysis which is necessary for Intra-Day Traders and Jobbers.

PowerScanner, the Only Real Time Stock Scanner For Timing Intra-Day Trades

The Holy-Grail of Day Trading is Timing the Best Stock to Trade for the day & that's what builtin PowerScanner is all about. Apart from Live data feed, BestRT incorporates real time data analysis system which helps you to pick Best trending stocks using simple, indigenous Real Time Stock Ranking Algorithm along with many more features. It Ranks the Best Trending stock in the last 1 hour/15 minutes/5 minutes interval. Anyone can use it to pick the Best Stock based on various parameters rather than using conventional previous market close method.

You can Rank stock which are Top Gainers & Losers since the market opening, usually Stock's ROC since yesterday Close makes sense only during the open session of the market, where closing is a different card game. You can use the built-in Real Time Intraday Stock Scanner as either an aiding tool to support the BUY/SELL signals from your strategy or a superior mechanism to pick the best to trade and make profit with in minutes from your entry. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination & how you want to utilize the scanner.

Free with Any Strategies/Products/Services

Get Live Tick-by-tick Real Time data free when you subscribe any of our products or services. We understand your needs & the importance of data when it comes to trading with strategies, so you will get data absolutely free with any of our strategies & BAT (Best Algo Trading) and BAT Cloud Edition software to automate your trading ideas.

Benefits With Us

99.99% Non-Stop

When it comes to Reliability we are the Best, as our servers are backed by leading Datacenter.

Intra-Day Stock Screener

Helps you to pick Fast Trending stock with built-in Real Time Stock Screener/Scanner.

Gann Square of 9

You will get GANN Square of 9 Intraday levels for all NSE Futures & Commodity symbols.

100% Accurate Data

Since our data is directly from Exchange server it is 100% As Accurate As Exchange feed.

Best Price in India

BestRT is the only Authorised real time data that you can get at this price in India.

Upto 365 days Backfill

180 days comes standard with all packages. 365 Days Backfill with annual subscription.

Free Curr/Equity/Forex

Get Free INR Currency Pairs, Equity & Forex with any subscription.

Multiple PC Login

Now Trade from your Office & Home without carrying your Laptop.

Fast Tick-by-Tick Update

With 1 Min Candlestick Tick-by-Tick Sychronized update, you will hardly miss any Price.

Historical EOD Data

RAW EOD Data for all NSE Cash/Futures & Options available.

Live Chat/Call Support

Exclusive remote support thru Live Chat & Phone Call for immediate assistance.

Futures OI

Open Interest data available for NSE Futures.

Packages Available

NSE Stocks & FnO

Monthly 500/- Only


Monthly 500/- Only

Forex & Currency


Global Indices


System Rquirements:

1) OS : Windows 7 & above.
2) Hardware :
    i) Min. 1.8 GHz. Processing Speed, >1 GB RAM, 20 GB HDD.
    ii) For HYBRID Mode you need Daul Core Processor. HYBRID Mode usually works good, but  some computers may require more processing power.
3) Internet : Min. 56 Kbps
4) Charting Apps : AmiBroker (any version).