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 "A wise man will make more opportunities then he finds"
- Francis Bacon

We are ready to share our success with others. The key to a successful business lies in creating and providing opportunities to the community, by developing products that are in demand by the public. At ValveNet Technologies, products are crafted with advanced technologies and innovative thinking which makes them more reliable for the end-users and lucrative for the whole business network. We just don't sell products, instead we provide the best possible opportunities to where ever it is needed.

We welcome Traders, Market Professionals, franchisees, sub brokers, entrepreneurs and any person who are interested in promoting our products across your network. It always a pride being a part of a growing network.

5 Guarantees to our Associates :

1) Guaranteed Revenue : Excellent commissions for resellers 20-40% and highly profitable for Brokers/dealers.
2) Guaranteed Zero Investment : No initial investment/capital required.
3) Guaranteed Competitiveness : Highly competitive in price
4) Guaranteed Quality : Our products are Rich in Features and Best in Quality.
5) Guaranteed Peace of Mind : No Sales targets.

Enough said, lets start new synergies.

How to become a Reseller?

1) To become a reseller, first you should subscribe to our products.

2) After trying out our products, Register with us as a reseller.

3) Start recommending our services and earn commission.


For Corporates/Entrepreneurs

Already providing services to your clients and want to add our products to you value added services or portfolio? We understand how important it is to retain a client and to provide single point of service. We provide white labelled products to Corporates/Entrepreneurs. Our products completely in your Brand Name and with your company details in it. This will ensure your clients doesn't get migrated anywhere else.

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