Budget Strategy for Small Traders/Investors

Previously ExO-Trader v1, is succeeded by ExO-2016
It is not just another Trading System. It is the SUCCESS that Trader Needs.

ExO-Lite uses only prices & unique market patterns that will reveal the next big movement hidden in the markets.

Why Use ExO-Lite:

                            » Most Affordable Strategy.
                            » More than 200% return in 6 Months.

                            » Free Portfolio and Risk Managment guidance.
Power up with BAT & Diversified Portfolio Strategy.

What is New ExO-Lite?

1) It is an Automated BUY/SHORT Signals Generating Software.
2) It gives you Timely Entry & Exit Signals directly from the Desktop.
3) New built-in Speaking Pop-Up Desktop Alert, don't have keep staring at the charts.
4) Gives you Extra Ordinary Profits every month.
5) Protection against huge loss & capital erosion.

Who Should Use ExO-Lite?

1) If you are looking to make Profits from Trading Stock & MCX Market.
2) If you want to become a Full Time or Active Trader.
3) If you believe that it is not possible to make money from the market.
4) If you want to prove that your efforts to Succeed in Trading doesn't fail.

Unique Advantages of ExO-Lite
that are not available in any other Trading Systems.

» Non-Lagging ExO-Lite based on Price Analysis. India's first Non-Lagging indicator available for the Traders.
» Trend Following System Trends are identified as early as possible and also in the right direction. !! No swallowing the sword !
» Auto Signal Filtering It will think twice before generating a signal.
» Dead Market Cycle Detector Built with state-of-the-art Algorithm which can detect & identify sideways/range bound markets and prevents traders from making significant loses.
» Erratic Market Movements Safely Exits during unprecedented market movements. No whip saw trading.